Puppy snores while learning to howl and ends up stealing everyone’s hearts

Animal lovers from around the world will agree that boxers are some of the sweetest and most precious dogs out there! They are affectionate, loyal, and they’re always ready to try new things from an early age. And the images that we are going to watch below are the proof of that!

Youtube – Елизавета Голубева

Tobias is a three week old Boxer puppy who just started some lessons on howling. His mother puts him on the chest and begins his training. At first, he’s not sure if he will be able to do this, but with a little encouragement he releases his vocal chords… What happens next is a sweetness overload!

What is even more precious is the way he snores while trying to howl! His little snores are so cute, they’ll make your heart melt!

Youtube – Елизавета Голубева

When the puppy has just “sing” to his mother, he approaches for a little kiss! Anyone who does not love this precious puppy has no heart. Check out the loving moment in the video below:


Puppy snores while learning to howl


It’s impossible to remain indifferent after watching these precious images. Is your dog also a howling fan? So, share this adorable moment with your friends and family!

Source: I Love My Dog


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