Puppy saves his mother from a snake

Paula Godwin, a resident of Arizona, was walking with her two dogs when she almost stepped on something that crossed her path. It was a rattlesnake! Threatened by what happened, the reptile was about to attack the woman in self-defense.

Facebook – Paula Godwin
A canine hero decided to intervene

Godwin’s Golden Retriever, Todd, ran to the woman and avoided what could have been a major disaster. In the process, the snake attacked and bit the puppy on the muzzle … But for the faithful dog, all that mattered was to protect his owner from a painful and venomous┬ábite.

Facebook – Paula Godwin

“He jumped right in front of my leg where I surely would have got bit.”, said Godwin. “This is what a hero looks like.”

Todd screamed in pain and his face began to swell.

Luckily Godwin was able to get him to the animal hospital a few minutes after the incident. The canine hero was treated with antivenom and was monitored for the rest of the day.

Facebook – Paula Godwin

The incident was very scary for Godwin, but fortunately, everyone is safe!

Although rattler bites are not fatal to adult humans, their venom can be very painful and cause blurred vision, numbness and difficulty breathing.

Facebook – Paula Godwin

After some rest and many hugs from his mother, Todd is standing and feeling much better. While he still has a black wound on the side of the nose, the swelling of the bite has decreased significantly. For his bravery and devotion, Todd has received congratulations from around the world and, sure enough, he will receive extra treats from now on.

Facebook – Paula Godwin

“My sweet Todd for sure is my hero,” Godwin said. “He is recovering so well.” Dogs do everything and risk their lives for humans, and Todd’s heroic intervention proves that…

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Source: The Dodo


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