Puppy refuses to eat his breakfast without receiving the hug that makes him so happy

After living a hard experience on the street, anyone would want to find comfort and protection in a home, for that dream was that of a loving puppy who now won’t stop hugging his new father. This is Dash, a puppy who, upon arriving at a shelter, looked like a very suspicious little critter, but what the creature really wanted was to be constantly hugged.

Now the puppy surprises his owner by not giving a break when it comes to hugs.

Ben Johnson met Dash when he was volunteering at an animal shelter. For the man, it was normal to live with dogs with heartbreaking stories and who had obviously lost trust in humans.

So each time a new puppy arrived on the scene, Mr. Johson tried to respect its space and not get too close to it, until he gained its trust.

However, with this little tiger the matter would be different.

It turns out that the puppy needed affection so badly that as soon as he saw Ben, he had an amazing bond with him and put aside his fear of approaching him.

“I met him in the backroom of the Humane Society. I crouched down so as not to look intimidating. He came up to me, put his head on my chest … I put my arms around him to give him a hug for about 10 minutes,” said the man.

But that would not be the only time when this kind of rapprochement would arise. It turned out that Dash wanted to be held constantly. Something special had arisen in the puppy’s heart and the security that the man conveyed to him was incomparable.

“Every time I saw him after that, he would push me against his chest until I hugged him,” Ben said.

That same year that the puppy arrived at the shelter, Johnson applied to be the dog’s sponsor at a charity event, and for one thing or another, Dash ended up spending a night at the family’s home.

It turns out that the dog adapted very well that night in the house and got along very well with Ben’s son.

It was a wonderful first meeting for everyone.

Ben still remembers that night with amusement:

“Our son had a Fisher-Price tool and was giving Dash a dental exam with a plastic screwdriver. Dash was lying on his back with his mouth open while our son was doing a complete examination. That was the moment we realized that he would never leave our home,” he confessed.

After that magical moment, the trainer was sure that the striped dog would become part of his family. In addition, Dash also got along perfectly with Coltrane, a dog the Johnsons already had. Literally, everyone in the house was fascinated by the presence of the shelter puppy.

The two furry guys slept cuddled up on the couch that first night.

When the puppy met Ben’s son, the boy was only 5 years old and the puppy learned to be the most protective and spoiled pet. So it isn’t surprising that years after adoption, the puppy established a sweet routine inside the house.

These friends love to hug.

But, it also seems that Dash doesn’t like to have breakfast without first getting a hug from his owners.

“She has been in the hug before the breakfast routine for a few years. As you put down the bowl, he waits to eat, wags his tail, and watches you until you hug him. It requires at least one hug, sometimes two, and occasionally stops in the middle of the meal for an extra hug.”

Ben is glad that he did the right thing and decided to adopt the cute little dog that stole his heart from the first moment.

Apparently, the furry’s strategy of embracing the subject worked better than one might imagine, and the family still goes crazy for wrapping themselves between the dog’s legs.

Dash is now a happy dog who got the chance he deserved. 

Source: Zoorprendente


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