Puppy is found in trash pile after surviving the compactor

A six-week-old puppy, now named Oscar, was thrown in the garbage in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in extreme heat.

A truck driver eventually found the puppy coming out of a trash pile after somehow surviving the garbage compactor.

“They honestly can’t believe he went through all the compactors if you think how many times these things happen. They said they see it often and they see a dead animal in a box”, told Susan Tilkan of CARE Rescue to KTUL News.

The driver ran to help him and contacted CARE Rescue, who agreed to take him and cover his bills at the vet’s Woodland West Animal Hospital.

When Oscar arrived, he was having convulsions and vomited larvae, but after receiving proper treatment, he is feeling much better.

CARE Rescue hopes that Oscar’s story will help raise awareness about abandonment of animals.

“There are really no words because, honestly, there are many other options, they don’t have to do this. There are thousands of other things you could have done. That’s so cruel because you’re not giving them a chance”. Told Tilkan to KTUL News.

Oscar will stay in the hospital for a few more days before he’s available for adoption.

Source: I Love My Dog


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