Puppy is abandoned on the street with backpack, toy and vaccination card

People don’t abandon those they love. This is one of the fundamental principles for anyone who wants to adopt a pet.

Unfortunately, this is a principle ignored by many people who reject their dogs and cats every day. Sometimes with traces of cruelty or pure neglect.

This is the case of Pasto, a puppy founded on the streets of Colombia. Residents of the region also found a backpack next to the animal; inside it there was a toy (his favorite!) and a vaccination card.

Housewife María de los Ángeles Zambrano took responsibility for the rescue of the dog and welcomed him into her home.

Curiously, the vaccination card had the name of the owner deleted. What made her think that it was not a simple case of loss.

The white poodle had been abandoned and needed a new foster home.

The woman who rescued him announced on her social networks that investigations are being conducted to find those responsible.

The puppy was delivered days later to the care of a volunteer from the NGO Angeles de Cuatro Patas Foundation. An institution that guarantees the welfare of abandoned animals in southwestern Colombia.

Therefore the puppy cannot be adopted until all legal procedures are resolved.

With the wide repercussion of the case, a man who identified himself as the supposed owner of the poodle. He contacted the shelter asking that it be ‘immediately returned’.

María claims that when a puppy has no identification collar and is on the street, the guard goes directly to his savior or an animal shelter. Finally, she added:

“We fear that the law will return the dog to its supposed owner. We don’t believe in false tears, but in facts. At that moment the puppy is still in the shelter, he is calm. We are afraid that he will return to the hands of those who clearly abandoned him”. He was sorry.

We hope that everything will be solved as soon as possible, and the little dog will find a loving home forever!

Source: Catioro Reflexivo


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