Puppy digs hole and gets furious when the ocean destroys his work

Our four-legged friends love to go down to the beach and enjoy the refreshing water. In addition to the swimming, the dogs also love to dig holes, this is guaranteed. The little pup that we’ll meet today is no exception!

In the video below we can see a sweet puppy doing what he likes best: dig holes. His name is Angus, he is a Golden Retriever and does a great job digging. He seems to have used his mouth to dig parts of the hole, which is not exactly advisable or efficient. However, this reveals a lot of dedication.

An unforeseen event

The sea begins to hit the edges of the hole and later, the “work of art” is filled with water. Angus is furious and begins to run from side to side, near the hole filled with water. A cute moment that you don’t want to miss:

Puppy digs hole in the sand

Check out the puppy’s reaction in the video below:


Does your pup also love to dig in the sand? So, you know this situation well… Share the lovely moment with your friends and family!

Source: Thrillist


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