Puppy desperately chases the submarine where his owner goes, unaware that it would be the last goodbye

The love our four-legged friends can express has no limits. For this reason, it is really sad when we are forced to leave them behind. That’s exactly what happened to Eliana Krawczyk and her loving dog. Even today, the poor animal waits for his beloved human, at the place of departure…


Eliana Krawczyk is a 35 year old woman from OberĂ¡, Argentina. Eliana belongs to the country’s navy as naval lieutenant. The fearless woman was one of the forty-four crew members of the ARA San Juan submarine, which is currently missing.

One of Eliana’s great qualities was her love for dogs…

A special pup wanted to say goodbye

Comando is a puppy, which was under the care of Eliana and was like a crew mascot. When the submarine left, the dog jumped in the water without fear, trying to reach his loved ones.


“He wants to get on the submarine. Now he’s going to cry until they come back again,” one of the crew said. However, the crew never came back… In the images we can see how Comando swims desperately to reach the submarine and be in the arms of Eliana. Unfortunately, this won’t happen again.

Check out the bleak moment in the video below:

Although the Argentine Navy has ceased the rescue attempts, Comando remains optimistic and with great faith. The loyal dog is still waiting for the crew with much patience, right where they left.


Comando is a great example of optimism and loyalty. Hopefully the puppy will recover from this terrible tragedy and find a family that gives him lots of love and care. Share this emotional story with your friends and family!

Source: Zoorprendente


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