Puppy can’t stop smiling after getting a new family that loves him

Our furry friends are very special and expressive beings, they don’t need to speak to express what they feel.

Karim is a beautiful furry boy who, after a difficult life, has finally found a home full of love.

I was so happy to have found a new family that I couldn’t stop smiling.

It’s a shame that there are puppies living on the street looking for a way to survive. And begging for water and food to quench their hunger and thirst.

All furry beings that have been abandoned by unscrupulous people deserve a second chance in life.

They are very special beings who are therefore always willing to let go of all the mistreatment they have received.

The Animal Rescue Center posted a picture of Karim smiling on its Facebook account on March 17, celebrating that he had been adopted by a loving family.

“Happy ending for Karim. This morning, Karim went to his new home. We are very happy to tell you! Vivien is a known friend of Karim, she has been following day by day his evolution and recovery from leptospira, a bacterial disease. In about a month he will be able to be sterilized”, said the spokesman of the San Miguel Neighbors with Pets.

All the staff was very happy that this puppy has a warm home. Where he can now live happily and full of care and most of all lots of love.

“This beauty deserved a good life after being abandoned so cruelly and he got it. Thank you to Thalia, a very patient neighbor who was his foster mom and helped us in his rehabilitation. Thank you very much because without you we could not change the lives of these furry ones. Here we will keep fighting for those who need to be saved and rehabilitated. Be happy, little friend”, added the spokesperson for San Miguel Neighbors with Pets.

Karim will no longer have to worry about finding a way to survive.

He is now in a warm home where he will be cared for and looked after with much love.

Fortunately, this puppy’s story had a happy ending. And we celebrate by sharing his smile.

Source: Zoorprendente


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