Puppy born with tail on the his head is now a fluffy Unicorn dog

Last week, the Mac’s Mission organization that houses stray animals rescued a very peculiar puppy. Due to a genetic defect in the puppy, what was supposed to be a tail grew between his eyes, he was then nicknamed the “unicorn puppy”.

Dr. Heuring, a veterinarian who examined the puppy, said the tail on his forehead does not need to be removed, and that it does no harm to the dog. Whoever adopts the dog will decide whether or not to keep the unicorn on the puppy.

After the puppy hit social networks, hundreds of people have already proposed to adopt him.

Our Narwhal magical unicorn puppy has had so many great people checking in on him this morning. Here is what his normal routine is: being a puppy. BOL!! Love,MacKeeperOfTheUnicorns

Posted by Mac the pitbull on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Even though they are not unicorns, dogs make great companions, protect the home, strengthen their immune system, and brighten the day. Adopt one!

Source: Londrina


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