Puppy begs for help after falling on his back in a hole

There are several situations where thousands of pets end up being left in the streets by the hands of some who can hardly be called ” keepers “.

This time, a puppy was found in a parking lot after a group of rescuers was called to rescue him.

The incident occurred in the Russian city of Astrakhan, located in the south of the European part of the country. He was a newborn baby that had been present at the site in an unknown way.

Fortunately, they managed to get him out of there and save his life.

The little one, in turn, didn’t hide his joy and did not stop showing his enormous gratitude.

“He happened to be a cute little puppy, thirsty and a little mistreated. Apparently, he was a little hurt”, said the savior.

The man also commented that the policies of the Astrakhan Ministry of Emergency Situations, don’t foresee the rescue of animals. They must do it alone with their rescue team.

Fortunately, in this story, they arrived at the right time.

Nobody can explain how the puppy got there. Considering as the only possible answer the rejection of his human that simply sentenced him to die leaving him abandoned. He knew perfectly well that if he did, they wouldn’t find him.

The poor little dog was dirty, hungry and afraid.

“I am a volunteer at the Verny Drug shelter in Astrakhan, we have our own control room. We received a phone call in the late afternoon that the puppy was trapped between the garages. When the distance in the garage narrows, and since the dogs don’t have a reverse gear, they fall back and get stuck”, he added.

The animal is still alive thanks to the brave saviors who helped him.

For this and many other things, we should be proud of all these animal associations. Whose sole purpose is to ensure, albeit with their scarce resources, the well-being of the most vulnerable living beings.

The work of these organizations is extremely important because thanks to them it has been possible to make a lot of progress with regard to respect, consideration, and welfare of animals. Let’s hope this boy finds a home soon.

Share this story with a happy ending. The unfair treatment of an innocent being is a crime. We hope that laws and governments will continue to work to enhance the work that groups of this kind do for the well-being that all and any species that make up the planet so much deserves.

Source: Zoorprendente


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