Puppies runs to the road for rescuers to follow him where his brothers were

One puppy from an unwanted litter came running over when rescuers appeared near a country road. A woman had seen the puppy running back and forth from the road into the woods, so she called a local rescue group. The little puppy was so happy to see them. It was obvious that he liked people and wagged his tail as if to say ‘thank you’ to the kind humans for showing up.

The little one then led them to his siblings. They all looked so much alike! At first, rescuers thought they had been recently left there but when they saw how much the puppies needed water, it was obvious that they had been out in the elements for a while. Babies this young don’t have the instincts to search for food and water just yet. As one of the rescuers poured water into a bowl, the puppies lapped it up eagerly.

A rescuer then filled bowls up with yummy puppy food. The little ones were ravenous! They couldn’t eat fast enough. It was obvious that they hadn’t eaten in a long time. The rescuers then scooped the pups up, after they ate, and brought them back to the rescue center.

Next… bath time! When the cubs are clean, warm and cozy, they sleep. They were not only late for food and water; much sleep is also a necessity at this young age.

The puppies will spend some time with a foster family and then go to forever homes. We are so grateful that the one brave puppy made his way to the road where he could be seen! 

Their heartwarming, adorable rescue can be seen below.

Source: I Love My Dog


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