Puppies found with their mouths tied are happy to see their saviors

It is painful to know that there are human beings capable of hurting defenseless animals. However, this is a very present reality in our society. Recently, a maintenance worker found two puppies in an apartment in Wichita, Kansas. The poor animals were trapped inside a carrier and their mouths were tied…

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“There were feces and urine spilled in front of the kennel,” said Sarah Coffman, executive director of the Wichita Animal Action League. “They had something wrapped around their muzzles, and that their noses were really swollen and red.”

Not knowing what to do and not wanting to leave the two dogs terrified alone, the maintenance worker turned to the Wichita Animal Action League. With animal control officers at his side, Coffman entered the estate, grabbed the puppies, and hurried to the vet.

Facebook – Wichita Animal Action League

Coffman was shocked when she realized what was being used to silence the puppies.

“We originally thought it was wire wrapped¬†around their noses because it was so tight,” Coffman explained. “When we finally got them in the vet’s office and we were able to take a look, we realized that it was little rubber bands that you would use in your hair.”

Facebook – Wichita Animal Action League

The veterinarian cut off the elastics immediately, while Coffman and the two animal control officers present struggled against the tears. “The way that they screamed when those bands finally came off and the blood came rushing back to their nose was really quite heartbreaking,” Coffman said.

Facebook – Wichita Animal Action League

If the bands had been left for a few more hours, the puppies could have suffered a major tissue damage, loss of smell or something much worse. “We really got them right away,” Coffman added.

Facebook – Wichita Animal Action League

After a long shower, the brothers now called Westley and Debbie, look and smell much better. Although their noses are still somewhat sensitive, they are expected to make a full recovery and find loving homes soon.

Soon the puppies will be ready for adoption and the applications have begun to arrive. However, their saviors are still very much moved by the negligence case:

“Last night I just kept thinking, ‘What if that pipe hadn’t burst? Would they have been found in time? Would they have lived?”Coffman said. “It makes you go home and hug your dogs a little tighter,” she added.

Despite everything, it turned out all well for these puppies. Share this incredible rescue with your friends and family!

Source: The Dodo


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