Puppies are thrown in a trash bin because they aren’t perfect

In a recent rescue story by He’Art Of Rescue International, two puppies were found near a garbage bin. They had been thrown out like trash. They had been callously discarded because they weren’t perfect. The puppies suffer from seizures amongst other common ailments.

Fortunately, someone found the pair and asked for help. When the rescuers arrived, the two cubs were shaking uncontrollably. It’s not their fault they were sick and imperfect. However, they suffered, two babies who deserve affection were abandoned, not knowing what was happening and whether they were okay.

The rescuers named the pair Hansel and Gretel. By the time they were found, the puppies were in critical condition. They raced them back to the clinic for immediate medical care. The pups are lethargic from dehydration and lack of food.

Hansel and Gretel were also with Parvo. They will receive treatment for that too. All this is expensive and the clinic has limited resources. The next step will be an MRI to determine the cause of the seizures.

Rescuers and medical staff are hopeful. But because they are young, they are also realistic. We are so happy that the cubs will have the chance to recover and find homes. Unfortunately, this happens very often when people don’t castrate their pets. Unwanted litters and unhealthy puppies for lack of veterinary care are discarded.

But when found and rescued, these animals get the chance they deserve and will hopefully go on to live full, happy lives filled with tons of love.

Like many rescue groups, He’Art operates solely on donations. We are not asking you to donate but ask that you do what you can to share this story. Bringing awareness and understanding the ongoing battle these rescue groups face, will hopefully help them bring in the donations they need to save more lives.

Source: I Love My Dog


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