Mother visits 6-year-old son at lunch and finds he is being “publicly ashamed” by teachers

Parents do everything they can to ensure that children have the best life possible. Unfortunately, Hunter’s family didn’t have many financial possibilities and their car broke down. So the 6-year-old boy was late for school because he had to go on foot. Because of this, he was publicly embarrassed during the lunch hour by the teachers. Nicole, his mother, knew he was going to be punished for being late, but he had no idea what the punishment would be.

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Unfair punishment

Over lunch, Nicole visited Hunter at Grants Pass School to see how he was doing. The woman was speechless as she entered the cafeteria and discovered that his detention was in fact a public shame. The mother saw her son sitting alone at a table with a cardboard divider right in front of his face. The boy could not see or have contact with the other students. There was also a cup with a written “D”, which meant detention. The boy felt humiliated, and he was crying.

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Nicole was so annoyed by what she saw that she decided to take a picture of Hunter right there. She was outraged that Hunter was not normally late for school. Besides, he’d only been gone a few minutes past the hour that day-none of that justified cruel punishment.

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Hunter’s grandmother was also very sad about what happened and decided to post the photo online along with the text explaining everything that happened. The images quickly became viral, and made the community come together to help the boy. The local population agreed with the family’s indignation, and decided to offer them a car, so the boy would not be late again!

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After the media, the school decided to end the punishment of cardboard that used to apply. If you want to know more, watch the video below.

How beautiful when a community joins, isn’t it? Share if you agree!

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