Fishermen see a bear clinging to the boat – but then they realize he is not the only one

Mothers are known to care and protect their children under any circumstances. But sometimes they overestimate the abilities of their little ones and the story we are going to see today is a great example of that!

Animals are not immune to think their children are more skillful than they really are, and really often the misfortunes are right around the corner. A bear mother in Russia overestimated her cubs swimming skills and they almost drowned.

In this case, it was some fishermen who witnessed the unusual moment and now they have a story to tell their grandchildren. Surprising images of the interaction between fishermen and babies were captured…

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The bear mother tried to cross Lake Vygozero along with her cubs. She thought they would be able to swim but the little ones had some problems…

Eventually, the mother and the bears separated as they were sinking rather than swimming. The little ones were moments from drowning when they saw a boat.

One of the bears, who appears in the video, was clinging to the boat that belonged to the fishermen. They were Russian tourists who started filming when this animal showed such desperation to stay alive.

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The discussion of the fishermen in the video was translated and according to the media, a man said: “Take it easy, little one, take it easy… But what if he bites us?”

The other replied, “No, he’s not going to bite, he’s just fighting for his life.” Even knowing that there was some risk to their own lives, there’s no way they would let the little bear die.

Fishermen see bear clinging to boat

Watch this exciting moment in the video below:

They used a net to pull the little bear to the boat. One of the fishermen said, “We’re going to rescue you, don’t be afraid.”

The cub was heavier than they expected. Still, they managed to rescue him, despite his weight and his state of anxiety! The other bear was taken to the boat net. Then the good-hearted fishermen took the hatchlings back to shore, where their mother waited for them.

I’m sure Mother Bear was grateful to have her babies safe and sound. The fishermen thought they were only fishing that day, but instead, they ended up saving two bear cubs!

Luckily, these men were around to save the day…

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