First pictures of Prince Louis are revealed and unveil a major detail

The fans of the royal family were very excited with the first official photos of Prince Louis of Cambridge. The baby is only a few days old, since he was born on 23 April. However, people are already starting to realize an important detail about the appearance of the newborn: he is identical to his father when he was a baby!

The images of Louis were captured by his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, who has an eye for photography. The internet has marveled at the simplistic beauty that the Duchess is capable of capturing when she is photographing her children. The first photo was taken on May 2, on Princess Charlotte’s 3rd birthday. In it, we can see the girl cradling her brother in her arms and giving him a gentle kiss on his head.


Fans that follow the family looked closely at Princess Charlotte’s navy blue cardigan, which belonged to her older brother, Prince George. He was famous for wearing the cardigan in an official photo that marked Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, where she sat, surrounded by her two younger grandsons and her five great-grandchildren.

The second photo was captured on April 26, and shows Prince Louis dressed in white, lying on a soft beige blanket. The boy’s clothing is also second-hand, and has already been used by Princess Charlotte in her first official photos of 2015.

Undisputed similarities

First, look at Prince Louis. Then, look at the image of the newborn Prince William in the arms of Princess Diana. The color of his eyes and facial features are identical! In addition, the skin tone of the two is very similar.


Many social media users have pointed out how much baby Louis looks like his father, and also how Princess Charlotte is looking more and more like her mother. Prince George, 4, looks more like a mix of both parents. No matter what they look like, surely the three are loved in the same way!

Couple appreciates the public’s affection

After releasing the photos, Kensington Palace received many warm messages, so they decided to thank them on Twitter: “The Duke and Duchess would like to thank members of the public for their kind messages following the birth of Prince Louis, and for Princess Charlotte’s third birthday”


Two weeks from now, the royal family will return to the spotlight again as Prince Harry’s long-awaited marriage to Meghan Markle will take place. The ceremony is scheduled for May 19th, at Windsor Castle. Baby Louis will stay home during the royal wedding. However, his older brothers will be present doing their adorable wedding roles.

And you, do you think the baby is identical to his father? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Source: Liftable


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