Adorable photos of Prince Louis’ christening are revealed, and a 7-year-old cake is served to the guests

The United Kingdom’s royal family is known for maintaining traditions throughout the generations. It seems that all the events they plan include some sort of ancient custom, and Prince Louis’ christening was no exception. Apart from the traditional clothes, he also had the right to a 7-year-old cake!

The christening took place in the Royal Chapel of St. James on July 9. The younger prince was dressed in the same clothes that his older brothers used in their baptismal ceremonies. The tradition of this dress goes back to the reign of the beloved Queen Victoria.

7-year-old cake at Prince’s christening

But the prince’s costume was not the only tradition practiced on this important occasion. Several others have been performed too, including one you least expect. There is an ancient custom of keeping the couple’s wedding cake. The dessert is frozen, and the couple should eat the cake together on their one-year anniversary.

However, many may be surprised to hear that the royal family carries a similar tradition. They not only keep the cake to mark the wedding date, but also do it to mark christenings from the couple’s children.

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are no different. Although they were married in 2011, 7 years ago, this did not stop them from serving remains during Louis’ reception. Yes, royalty is known to serve leftovers on more than one occasion. At Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s christening, the parents’ wedding cake was also present.


This only shows that nobody betrays traditions in this real family. Although the idea of eating a 7-year-old cake does not look particularly appealing, I’m sure they enjoyed every bite in commemoration of Prince Louis.

The baby may not be old enough to enjoy the dessert next to his older siblings, but the occasion will be a sweet reminder to all those who are close to him.

Watch a short video of the prince’s baptism below.

Did you also keep your wedding cake? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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