Prince Harry invites African orphan to his wedding for a truly touching reason

Usually, only people from high society are invited to royal weddings. However, Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle broke many stereotypes, and this was one of them. The groom decided to invite an orphan from Lesotho, an African country, to his marriage last Saturday. Mutsu Potsane met the Duke of Sussex when he was only 4 years old.

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Improbable friends

Prince Harry was in the country on a humanitarian journey when he met the boy. He gave a pair of blue boots to Mutsu, and the child kept the shoes for years. Immediately, the two became friends and kept in touch. When Harry returned to Lesotho in 2016, for a documentary, they were super happy to be reunited!

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Harry hugged his friend Mutsu, and they both started talking about their lives. “It’s great to see how happy he is – our tree has survived, it has grown, the fence we built is still there,” Prince Harry said at the time.

Prince Harry and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho founded a charity called Sentebale (meaning Don’t Forget Me). The goal of the organization was to improve the quality of life for thousands of children and young people with AIDS in the African country.

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African orphan invited to the wedding

Mutsu Potsane, now 18 and one of the 10 representatives of Sentebale, was also invited to the royal wedding. He was even one of the first people to congratulate the newlyweds. “Mutsu is a little embarrassed, but he’s doing very well. He just finished school,” said Johnny Hornby, one of Sentebale’s leaders.

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In the documentary he filmed in 2016, Prince Harry talked about fatherhood. “I have a deep love for the African continent that, I hope, will never go away… I hope this love continues with my children too.” Prince Harry’s humanitarian work was praised by several people, including the famous singer Elton John.

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“If her mother was alive, she would still do humanitarian work, she started it. And Harry uses it in his own way.” This is one side of Prince Harry that we don’t see very often in the media! He is a man with a big heart and enormous generosity.

We wish him and his wife the best. May they continue to spread good throughout the world, together. Share if you agree!

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