Restaurant owner pretends to be homeless to find out how his employees would treat him

Unfortunately, our society lives more and more of appearances in today’s times. But the truth is that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, regardless of their social statement or appearance. Knowing this, a restaurant owner pretended to be homeless to know how employees would treat him. Would he be judged by his appearance?

The “homeless” man entered his restaurant very poorly dressed and dirty, ready to carry out the experience. He made sure to look absolutely unrecognizable before setting foot on the property. After sitting down at the table, the owner disguised noticed that the staff didn’t want to attend to his request. Everyone was running away from the homeless, and no one felt very close to him… except the young woman in the photograph.


The wonderful employee greeted the homeless with a smile, and treated him like any other customer, with sympathy and excellence. After eating and paying, the restaurant owner who pretended to be homeless left her a heavy $ 100 tip.

This is a proof that we should always treat everyone with respect. The girl didn’t know who he was, and treated him like any other client… and that made her rewarded! It’s sad to know that only she had this wonderful attitude.

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Source: Vamos Lá Portugal


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