Proud parents don’t leave the side of the incubator to watch their premature babies

Mother’s love is one of the most beautiful and pure things in the world … Even the mothers of the animal world can surprise us with the love and dedication they offer their babies. And the story we’ll meet today addresses, exactly, this theme!

Kuma is a four-year-old dog who gave birth to a litter of puppies. However, two of the dogs needed a little more medical care. They were then admitted to a veterinary clinic where they were placed in an incubator.

What surprises in this story is the unconditional love and concern of Kuma for her puppies. Some images have been popularized on social networks, showing a mother who, despite the circumstances, doesn’t leave her pups.

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Kuma stayed with her babies to make sure they were okay at a difficult time in their lives. Despite all the supervision of the vets, the dog revealed her maternal instinct and didn’t┬áleave the puppies for a second.

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In addition to a worried look, the mother still rests her small foot on the outside of the incubator to support her babies. However, it’s not only Kuma who is an excellent mother… The father of the dogs also regularly visits their babies.

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We can see dad happy to see his puppies, hoping for their improvement inside the incubator.

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Fortunately, for Kuma and her puppies, the recovery is going well. In addition, three of the pups of the litter have already found a loving home.

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The rest of the dogs hope to find a home soon, where they can be happy forever. Meanwhile, they remain under the supervision of the mother, who looks after them like a nurse.

Proud parents don’t leave the side of the incubator

Watch the video below, to get to know a little more about this incredible story:

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