Pregnant woman decides to take a selfie with a tiger – See the animal’s reaction when he sees the woman’s belly

Only rare occasions we recognise the friendly side of wildlife, but it really does exist. From unusual friendships between humans and wild animais to the wild animals that saved the lives of human children, there is proof that these little special creatures can be very dear and sensitive and this story is evidence of that.

Brittany was visiting the Zoo with her friend Natacha. Natasha was 27 weeks pregnant and had to walk and because of that she decided to spend the day in the zoo with her friend.

Natasha decided to take a selfie with an impressive tiger. Meanwhile Brittany was filming the moment, which turned out to be very special. Nobody expected this to happen …

The tigress realised that the woman’s belly hid a life, so the wild animal reacted in a surprising way but we will not tell you. To find out you’ll have to watch:

What a sweet moment!

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Source: Troup Cute


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