Pregnant homeless dog cries when rescuer puts her in his car

Although some underestimate the intelligence of animals and their ability to communicate and express their emotions, they are able to show how they feel, protect those they love, and meet their needs by asking for help.

One puppy’s reaction when she finally received the help she so desperately needed to leave no one indifferent: she began to cry excitedly because she and the puppies she was expecting would be safe.

“I could see that Poppy was getting tears in her eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a dog”, said Jack Anderson, who rescued the dog with his wife.

The couple was having lunch at a fast-food restaurant when they noticed that someone was watching them.

A large black dog was on the floor under the counter stools, staring at them as they ate fried chicken at a casual street stall.

“He never took his eyes off us, but he didn’t come to us or ask us for food”, said Jack Anderson in an interview.

“The owners of the restaurant came out and chased the dog down the sidewalk. It was obvious that she was afraid and disappeared”, he added.

But the couple saw the dog again on the way home, they noticed that she was pregnant.

They knew that she needed help immediately.

“My wife took the leftover food and I went over to give it to her. The dog was very nervous, but we could see some of the scars on her skin and so we understood perfectly that it was not easy for her to trust human beings”, Jack said.

In fact, the dog acted cautiously because she knew the worst side of humanity and tried to keep herself safe.

Jack and his wife tried very hard to gain the trust of the poor nervous dog and managed to convince her to take the food out of his hands.

They let the dog eat and then lifted her up to put her in the car. Poppy felt out of danger. She knew they were good people, she was crying with emotion.

The poor thing was finally in a warm and safe environment. The pain and helplessness would be behind her, for the puppy the most important thing was to make sure her puppies were born out of danger, she knew that if they didn’t get help in time they would go.

We just stopped for the moment to allow the dog to calm down for a moment, but honestly, she was much more relaxed than I expected.” Jack said.

He took his cell phone out of his pocket to record the scenes that captivated thousands of people by the adorable reaction of the dog who will always be grateful that they were not indifferent to her pain.

“I started recording the video of my wife comforting her and realized that Poppy had tears in her eyes. Fortunately, she was relatively healthy”, he added.

The dog spent several days with them, they took turns taking care of her.

Se slept most of the time and got used to the couch very quickly, she loved it.

But little by little Poppy recovered until she showed her will to live, she played happily and made mischief.

After suffering so much, the puppy finally knows unconditional love.

Poppy’s dogs will be left in the care of Jack and his wife until they are ready to be adopted.

The mother will never again have to think about the option of returning to the streets.

“Poppy is going to stay with us. We’re learning about her all the time and building trust with her,” Anderson said.

The couple understands the dog’s suffering and wants her to receive love until her last breath. 

They with their simple gesture have changed her fate forever.

Source: Zoorprendente