Pregnant cow that ran away desperately stops traffic so she can give birth

A society that does not respect life, regardless of the species to which it belongs, will be a civilized society by far. So we are happy to know that in many parts of the world people are able to do everything they can imagine to save the creatures in need.

On the occasion, the citizens of Valparaiso in Chile showed their humanity by helping a poor mother who was delivering a complicated baby on the highway.

The protagonist of this story is a beautiful cow.

It turns out that when nature calls, nothing can stop it. And that is what happened to the bovine that had to lie down on the asphalt to bring her calf into the world.

The event took place specifically at the central bandejón on Baden Powell street, in the El Bello sector, in Quilpué.

After enduring the pain on the sidewalk, he went out into the street.

Upon seeing the scene, strangers began to approach and report to the authorities. A group of police officers showed up to organize the traffic and avoid any kind of accident; in addition, two veterinarians also stepped in to help.

Together, they managed to make the cow give birth.

But the matter did not end with the birth, for after that it was necessary to support the cow that was mired in the upset of the situation. The headlights of the vehicles and the commotion of the surrounding traffic added to her stress.

However, the veterinarians remained with her at all times. And they managed to tranquilize her, while the policemen continued to monitor the scene.

A joint effort that gave good results.

Although everything went well, we should not stop thinking about how dangerous that unexpected moment was for the cow and the citizens. Moreover, the cow was not alone, but other quadrupeds came to accompany her in that special moment.

As surreal as it sounds, it seems that the animals understood very well everything that was happening.

This unexpected moment caught everyone’s attention and Deputy Diego Ibáñez did not hold back his opinion on the matter.

“Here there is also a problem of responsible management of small livestock , which we know has always existed in Quilpué. But now with the growth of the city, of cars, it is unsustainable. Danger to animals and passers-by. We will be monitoring”. Said the politician.

The owner of the cow may be fined for this situation. And although all went well for the mother and her calf, perhaps the sanction will serve as an example to other farmers in the area. Humans are responsible for their pets and other creatures in their care, so they should not only ensure that they are fed, but also that they are protected.

We are happy that this mom gave birth without complications.

Source: Zoorprendente


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