Pregnant and terrified cow kneels in front of slaughterhouse, begging to spare her.

All living beings have the right to life, even those that traditionally see man as food. Regardless of their species, stories like the following show unbelievers that animals also feel.

It is a pregnant cow that prays for its life before being slaughtered.

The events took place at a slaughterhouse in the city of Tongyu, in southern China. Local workers saw with great impression and sadness how the animal begged for its life.

The creature not only asked for her but her young woman’s life in the womb.

It is not clear whether the workers were aware of the cow’s pregnancy, but it would be sacrificed later to sell its meat for human consumption.

However, his emotional struggle was successful, and after so many appeals and refusal to walk, the cow was not sacrificed.

The story went viral after one of the employees posted the current video on the Chinese social network Weibo and a hashtag about the cow had more than 140 million impressions.

More than 7 million people saw the moment of breaking the heart when the animal cries and kneels so that it does not sacrifice it.

In the recording of just over a minute, you can see people’s struggle to make the cow walk to the slaughterhouse, but it resists in tears.

As they took her to the slaughterhouse, the cow started to kneel. At the slaughterhouse, when the man tried to take the cow inside, he knelt down again and started to cry, ”said Lin Wangbo, a resident who participated in the crusade.

After hours of fighting with the animal, without being able to take it to the place where it would be sacrificed, the workers decided to spare their lives. All this was also motivated by the intervention of some people who looked sadly at the creature’s requests.

The cow would not be slaughtered, but it could not remain there. Therefore, a group of protectionists who learned about the case decided to act and started a campaign to raise the animal to buy and give a better life.

We wanted to raise enough funds to buy the cow and release it. In the end, we launched it on the site of a local Buddhist temple, ”added Lin.

This creature’s pleas were not only heard, but its life took a total turn.

The cow was bought at the slaughterhouse and taken to the Huilai Jinshi temple. There they realized that she was pregnant and is expected to give birth in the temple. The rest of the money raised to save will be donated to the site for maintenance.

Share this story. May the video make us aware of respect for animal life. No more injustices!

Source: Zoorprendente


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