Firefighters issue urgent alert – an error with the power strip you should never make

Power strips are used by many of us daily. It’s very useful around the house, especially when the wires of the electronic objects don’t reach the wall socket. But what few people know is that we shouldn’t connect many things at the same time in the power strips. In fact, firefighters all over the world are alerting people to the hidden dangers of this object.

Some people don’t realize that power strips aren’t the same as surge protection devices. This last one automatically cuts off the power when there is an overload. The power strips, although they have many sockets, don’t turn off when there is an overload of the electricity.

If you connect too many electronic objects in the power strips, that error can be very expensive – or worse, it can lead to death. When it gets cold, we all want to heat the house. But, who doesn’t have a fireplace or central heating, uses a portable heater.

Facebook – Umatilla County Fire District #1

This object warms the room in an instant, but there’s another thing it also heats: power strips. Even if a space heater is the only one connected, it can end up causing a fire. The Umatilla County Fire District # 1 issued a public warning on Facebook about the consequences of connecting space heaters to power strips:

“The weather is getting colder, and people are pulling out their space heaters. We just wanted to remind you that you should NEVER plug a heater into a power strip. These units are not designed to handle the high current flow needed for a space heater and can overheat or even catch fire due to the added energy flow. Please share and stay safe this Winter season.”

Facebook – Umatilla County Fire District #1

According to the National Safety Fire Administration, half of all household fires due to electricity occur between December and February. From 2009 to 2013, the heaters accounted for 56 thousand household fires. Don’t become one of those statistics!

Check the heater cables regularly to make sure they are not frayed or damaged. Also, do not connect to power strips, and always test outlets before using them. That way, you will stay warm and safe during the winter.

Share so that more people can protect themselves from household fires.

Source: Faith Tap


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