Postman rescues injured dog that was abandoned and tied to a tree

Dan Targonsk is a dedicated postman who has always felt a great connection with animals. Over the years, he has become accustomed to bumping into all kinds of pets on his work route.

Sometimes it’s a kitten on top of mailboxes, but other times it finds puppies whose lives are at stake and who need his help. One of the cases that most moved him was a boxer dog named Kuperus.

The dog was found in the city of Philadelphia in the United States.

Dan found her stuck in a tree in the middle of an extremely hot day. She looked very thin and didn’t even have some water or food to deal with the passage of time. After he approached, he understood that it was something much more serious. The dog was very dirty and had alarming head injuries that appeared to be made with sharp objects.

The dog had nine broken teeth when it was rescued.

Although he had to follow a strict work routine, Dan decided to take the time to help her. The first thing he did was find some water to get some relief and then contacted Adopt rescuers at Boxer Rescue.

It was there that they decided to call her Kuperus and within minutes realized that she was one of the loveliest puppies in the entire history of the Refuge. Her situation was very delicate, so she was immediately admitted to the operating room.

“We close her injury and drained it. Her jaw was also fractured. We have managed to stabilize it. “

Kuperus’s radiant personality soon reached everyone’s ears. Many came to know her and were extremely moved by her enormous desire to live, despite how difficult her past had been.

“What she desires most in the world is contact and love. I am still impressed by this. Even after a human hurt her so badly

She managed to recover in a temporary home and, after a few months, was ready to move to a permanent home. Now she has a loving family who will take care of her and whose main goal is to help her forget the hard days she has been through.

And the postman usually visits the dog and the beautiful Kuperus runs to meet him with a lot of excitement.

There are many people who can pass for an injured puppy without acting, but brave Dan has shown that with just a few minutes of our time, we can forever change the life of a beautiful animal.

Don’t leave without sharing this beautiful story to remember how much we can achieve if we spend a few minutes with a puppy in trouble.

Source: Zoorprendente


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