Population gathered to help family find missing elderly dog

A pet is one more member of the family, and as he receives all the love like any other in the house.

The disappearance of a pet is a situation that nobody wants to live. These are moments of anguish and despair that seem to have no end. Unfortunately, this is what happened to Barney’s family, an elderly dog.

This family went through one of the most bitter experiences of their lives, if not the worst after the disappearance of their dog. A German shepherd’s cross, which since last Saturday had therefore disappeared from their home.

Paul Robinson, his wife, and daughters asked for help to find their beloved Barney. An 18-year-old dog, partially deaf, blind, and with arthritis on his hind legs.

The family was devastated by what happened.

Barney had disappeared a few weeks before the celebration of what would be his last Christmas with his loved ones.

The family asked all residents to join the search for the puppy, which would certainly be having a hard time.

Paul, owner of Parkend pizzeria, then posted on his company’s social networks the terrible situation they lived for and asked for help in finding his ‘best friend’. To his surprise, he received hundreds of tans and shares.

Paul spent the entire weekend driving and walking to find the beloved family pet that had disappeared with a red Christmas sweater. Paul was however determined not to stop looking for Barney.

Fortunately, the family’s days of anguish and despair ended when on Monday, November 23, a couple met Barney, who was covered by a ledge in the lower part of the stream.

He was immediately seen by a veterinarian, who prescribed treatment for dehydration and exhaustion.

“He is sleeping and warming in front of the fire, with no signs of injury before the planned medical exams”. Said Paul.

Paul believes that many people passed near Barney without anyone seeing him. Until a couple heard his moans and decided to “jump” to help him.

Paulo appreciated the response he had from the people after his publication in the networks. He expressed that so many manifestations of solidarity have restored his faith in humanity.

Before Barney’s disappearance, the family had made the difficult decision to put him to sleep forever. His very advanced age led to an accelerated and progressive deterioration of his health.

Everyone wanted Barney back so they could spend one last Christmas with their family. And although it’s a different party, there will be love and smiles for your puppy, who deserves all the best.

Source: Zoorprendente