Police officers smash a car window after a trapped dog barked for help

Can you imagine being locked in a car with no one listening to your cries for help? Well, that’s what one poor little puppy went through, but luckily some policemen acted as his angels.

The dog was left by his owner in a vehicle for hours. 

The policemen broke the glass to save a defenseless life

Despite the numerous campaigns and calls for attention that animal rights groups and authorities make to the population, there are many negligent owners who don’t think twice before leaving their pets in cars.

Many creatures have lost their lives during this time that seems tiny to their owners because they think their pups can wait quietly while they do their shopping. But it turns out that this is not the case, our furry ones are terrified to live through this kind of experience.

Many dogs even lose their lives this way.

Suffocation is the main risk the chicks suffer when left in vehicles, due to poor air ventilation, and the situation gets worse during the summer.

For this reason, police officers in Clearwater, Florida, didn’t hesitate to rescue a puppy in distress.

A neighbor reported barking coming from inside a car, assuming there was a furry animal trapped inside. The car was parked in a parking lot and it took uniformed officers a few minutes to accurately identify where the animal was.

They must have been hours of anguish for the poor little puppy.

The policemen were shocked to release the dog and realize how desperate and stressed he was.

The puppy drank water desperately, as he was suffocating from the heat that was hitting the city at that moment.

Apparently, the owners of this little fellow had gone out to enjoy the beach and left the poor thing there with the window ajar and some vital liquid. But this is insufficient to prevent asphyxiation of a small animal.

The police had to act forcefully to rescue him.

Once on the scene, the officers broke the window glass, knowing how dangerous it could be to delay the rescue for the dog’s life.

“It is safe to say that the temperature inside the vehicle was above 39 degrees while the dog was still inside.” Reported the Police Department.

Once released, not only was he given a drink, but one of the policemen poured water on the dog’s skin to lower its temperature. The poor creature was literally on the verge of collapse. 

Despite carrying out the rescue, the police were unable to keep the furry and so-called Pinellas County Animal Control. They knew exactly what to do and immediately agreed to support the case since it was impossible for the dog to return to the care of its neglectful owners after being released.

The action of these uniformed men came in a timely manner, as did the appeal of the citizen who decided to take notice of the situation. Just that simple gesture helped save the puppy’s life. 

In turn, it’s not known whether the authorities will open criminal proceedings against the owners of the animal. Although it is known that in the United States this type of negligence is severely punished by law. 

Although the dog’s future is now uncertain, the good news is that he is alive and surely at the shelter, they will be in charge of relocating him with a more responsible family. In addition, the furry fellow should be grateful to the brave men who helped him out of that ordeal and gave him the opportunity to live again.

Good deeds always fill us with happiness. So don’t hesitate to help a small animal in trouble or call the authorities to free it from any danger. They do not deserve our selfishness.

Source: Zoorprendente


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