Police officer stops man for not having his baby in the car seat. But then, he sees the wife’s pregnancy test

The news of a pregnancy is always something magical, and announcing it requires a lot of creativity. And this woman knows perfectly well what that is. She decided to surprise her husband in a completely original way. No one could imagine what the expectant mother did!

Nikk Rock wanted to get a special way of telling her husband that she was pregnant. So she asked the Hurst police department to help her share the news with him. The man could never guess what she had planned.

Youtube – Nikk Rock

When the couple was driving, they were stopped by a police officer. The husband was completely confused because he didn’t know what was wrong. He started to get nervous, and Nikk told him to relax. When the officer walked to the car, the man realized that he knew him. But that didn’t seem to calm him much.

The policeman says to them, “I have to be honest. The reason I stopped you is that you have a child in the car without a car chair,” pointing to an empty backseat.

“I don’t have a son,” Nikk’s husband explained. The policeman asked if he was sure, looking at Nikk. The man became even more confused. Then the woman looks at “We have a child in the car without a car seat!”, she exclaims laughing.

Youtube – Nikk Rock

His face lit up as he realized what was happening. For a moment, he simply smiled at the very incredulous pregnancy test. Then he held it in his hands to see for himself. “I guess that means you’re going to be a daddy, buddy,” the cop said.

Youtube – Nikk Rock

The couple laughed and kissed. They were both so enthusiastic about the new life they were going to create. What a creative way to give such beautiful news, don’t you agree? Share with all future parents you know!

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