Police officer says he will kill a dog just because he doesn’t like dogs

Police officers have as duty to patrol the neighborhoods with the intention of serving the population according to our needs and, above all, to keep us safe from the threats that are put to us by criminals. But, unfortunately, there are officers who are doing exactly the opposite …

Police officer says he will kill a dog just because he doesn’t like dogs

This story is about a cop who gets caught saying he’s going to kill a dog! These officers decided to hurt animals and cases like these break our heart! The situation took place in Saint Claire Shores and involves a labrador mix dog. She barely knew that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time …

Lexie had been left out of her house by mistake. When her elderly, unhealthy owner did not let her in quickly, she began barking so the owner knew she was stuck outside. What the dog did not know was that he was about to get the wrong type of attention.

The neighbors might have knocked on the door to get the man’s attention before calling the police, and they might have been more sympathetic to the situation! They should have done their best to help all parties involved. However, that is not what has happened … What happened will make those who truly believe in the good work of the police think twice!

The neighbors contacted the police, and once the officers arrived, their intentions became malicious. They did not even want to help the old man! So they decided to focus their attention on the innocent dog that had been trapped outside. The animal was shot several times … And these policemen justified those acts, claiming that the animal had turned against them. We have a hard time believing that.

How is it possible that an innocent 20-kilo dog has been able to scare a group of trained officers to the point that they feel compelled to shoot her? These policemen had no intention of being useful, and they only wanted to hurt this poor animal, who had done nothing wrong to them. What a horrible end to a situation that should have had a friendly outcome …

The witnesses who were on the scene contradicted the story offered by the police. They claimed that Lexie was very withdrawn and fearful when these heartless men came to the scene!

Please share this clip so we can alert people and prevent horrific incidents like this … Let’s finish these murderous cops once and for all!

Source: Goodfullness


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