Police dog refuses to get in the car to work

We all have those days when we’d rather not go to work. The comfort of our beds is more than enough reason to sleep a few more hours. However, we’re not the only ones. Our four-legged friends also face this problem, and the police dog we’ll meet today is the proof of that!

A puppy, named Jango Fett, loves going to work with his father, Officer Ryan Costin. However, on that particular day, he needed a little persuasion. After Cassie Costin said goodbye to her husband and hte dog, she did not expect them to see so soon …
The woman received a husbands message, saying that he was struggling to get to work because Jango was refusing to get into the car. The stubborn animal simply laid on the floor, saying “no” to his father’s orders! As Cassie looked out the window and witnessed the scene, she knew she had to pick up her camera and capture the fun moment:


After much persuasion and some rubs on the belly, Jango gave in and jumped in the car. The dog just needed a little motivation that morning. Cassie says that he is usually a very active dog, so it was strange to refuse to go to work.

Youtube – WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore

Police dog refuses to get in the car to work

In the video below you can learn more about what Jango does on a day at work.

Do you also have some problems going to work? Share this adorable story if you identify with this wonderful puppy!

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