Dog plays in the snow and immediately falls – the family can’t stop laughing with his next move

Rafi is a black lab who loves to play in the snow! In a single video, he delighted his whole family, but also thousands of people who watched the clip online. Outings in the winter can be a lot of fun, and this dog seems to make the most of the scenery Mother Nature gave him.

Youtube – Rumble Viral

Some experts explain that there are several reasons why our dogs love snow…

Youtube – Rumble Viral

Not only their high body temperatures make the play in the snow much more comfortable, but the change of scenery is also very attractive. Dogs get used to their surroundings quickly, so a change in the landscape is exciting and arouses their curiosity!

That means there are more things to smell, see, feel and explore! No wonder dogs enjoy both being outdoors in the winter and enjoying the snow.

Youtube – Rumble Viral

In the video below we can see the little dog trying to “run” in the snow, and as soon as he arrives at the top of the hill, he lies on his belly and slides on the white snow! Surely that was all he wanted most and his family simply burst out laughing!

The most interesting thing is that it doesn’t end there… The adorable dog repeats the process over and over and over again, delighting his family!

Youtube – Rumble Viral

Watch the magic moment in the clip below:

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