Playing on the beach has become the worst nightmare of the family: now, the mother wants to alert the world

Kids love the beach, especially making sand castles and swimming. We should never forget the bag with sunscreen, first aid kit, water and also a beach umbrella. But, as careful as we may be, there are many dangers in these places that we can’t avoid, as we shall see next. During a trip of the Kafling family, a playing on the beach has turned into a real nightmare!

Katja Kafling was on the beach with her children when, suddenly, one of them began to scream out of nowhere. The mother ran to his aid, and eventually found the boy with bloody wounds at his feet. It all happened because of a danger hidden beneath the sand. After the shocking moment, Katja wants to warn other parents about the situation.

Faceboook – Katja Kafling Wichmann

The family was on a beach in Roskilde, Denmark. Katja’s son, Jacob, 3, was playing happily on the sand and his mother was enjoying the sun. Minutes after this happy scenario, the woman was on her way to the emergency room in panic. Her son’s feet were so burned that his skin fell!

Faceboook – Katja Kafling Wichmann

The reason? Coal on the beach! Hidden under the sand were pieces of charcoal and wood, probably from a burning fire the night before, which hadn’t been properly extinguished. Many people use sand to cool or put out fires, but that’s a wrong thing to do. According to Dr. Marianne Cinat, this has the opposite effect. “The sand keeps the heat, making the hot embers even hotter,” he explains.


Young Jacob’s burns were so severe that the boy was in danger of losing his toes. Fortunately, experienced surgeons were able to transplant the skin from other parts of the body to repair that area. Now, years after various consultations, surgeries and terrible physical pains and rehabilitation, Jacob is a happy boy. But his feet were left with permanent scars.

Faceboook – Katja Kafling Wichmann

The family knows that the person who left the coal on the beach didn’t do it on purpose. Probably, someone thought they were putting out the fire, not knowing that the sand has the opposite effect. That’s why it’s important to share the story of Jacob, to warn the world and to prevent it from happening again.

If you see someone burying remains of fire with sand, ask them to use water instead. With education and awareness, we can all make a difference. Let’s spread the message so what happened to Jacob doesn’t occur again with other children!

Source: Newsner


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