Pit Bull stayed with lost girl for two days before she was found

Charlee Campbell, a two-year-old girl, was reported missing in the town of Lebanon Junction, Kentucky. However, she wasn’t the only one with an unknown whereabouts… Grandma’s Pit Bull, named Penny, also disappeared at the same time and in the same direction.

Investigations indicate that the girl disappeared around 10 o’clock in the morning, in a forest in the area.


Fortunately, after two days of much anguish for her family, the girl appeared in the house of a neighbor accompanied by Penny. The four-legged hero never separated from the child and insisted on keeping her safe.


Charlee’s grandmother told the media that the Pit Bull was at her granddaughter’s side to keep her safe: “She is our hero.”


The neighbor who found her was greatly affected by the story. Wayne Brown asked for a reflection on the need to strengthen the work carried out by the rescue groups in such cases.


Reports from the search party official made public the knowledge that the girl had returned without any serious injuries.


The family is very relieved, but mainly, very grateful to the sweet Penny.

The family says that what kept her daughter safe and sound was the protection of this little dog. Undoubtedly, this case is the proof of dogs’ enormous loyalty and their protective instinct with the little ones.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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