Pit Bull saves two women from a snake and dies wagging his tail

Dogs are known for their dedication and loyalty. With each passing day we have more proof of the love and commitment that these beings are able to express, and the case we’ll mett today is no different. Chief, a Pit Bull, saved the life of 87-year-old Liberata Victoria and her granddaughter, Maria Victoria Fronteras, of a snake. The reptile entered the house through an opening in the kitchen, putting the entire family in risk.

Liberata and Chief were watching TV on the sofa … Suddenly the dog jumped and warned the woman about the presence of a snake, less than 9 feet away. Maria Victoria ran and pulled her grandmother into the next room, waiting for the snake to leave.

Panic set in immediately

A moment later, Maria Victoria left the room and was terrified to find the snake about six feet away. Equally frightened, the snake seemed to be spitting venom as it prepared to attack. “The snake was in front of us, maneuvering a deadly attack,” said Maria Victoria. “I screamed out loud for help.”

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Chief saved the day

Out of nowhere, Chief raced between the snake and the two women, serving as a shield for the reptile’s attacks. The brave dog grabbed the snake by the neck and threw it to the ground with all its might, saving his family from an attack that could have been fatal.

Unfortunately, the puppy suffered a fatal bite in the jaw, and moments later collapsed. The family sought the help of a veterinarian, but there was nothing left to do. According to the veterinarian, the bite was very close to the brain and the venom had already spread.

Then Mary called her husband Marlone, who rushed home after receiving the news. Chief fought life until the man arrived, because he wanted to have a final image of his beloved owner. The pup took two deep breaths and died…

A friend of the family says that the last thing the dog did, as he looked at Marlone, was to wag his tail. Sure enough, he “left” with a sense of mission accomplished! Dogs are incredible beings, who protect their humans at all costs, and this story is proof of that!

Rest in peace Chief. Share this emotional story with your friends and family!

Source: Dog World


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