Pit Bull in tears becomes viral – but, see the look on her face when she’s adopted

A video of a Pit Bull “crying” in a shelter became viral, but fortunately helped this little dog to find a loving home. Sarah Sleime was visiting a shelter in North Carolina when she met this dog.

Sleime explained her reaction when she saw the poor dog, “I was walking up and down the kennels, and I just saw that Pit Bull sitting there. She was very human, fallen and very solemn.”

Facebook – Sarah Jennings Sleime

Sleime felt the need to approach, so she leaned in and started talking to her. When she looked more closely, Sleime realized that the dog had recently had puppies. According to Sleime, as she spoke, the animal’s eyes watered and it seemed they were filled with tears.

Facebook – Sarah Jennings Sleime

The dog was big and Sleime knew the shelter in question wouldn’t be able to help her. So the woman picked up her cell phone and made a video, which she posted on Facebook. The clip is only 37 seconds long, but clearly shows the sadness of the animal. You can even see the tears forming in her eyes.

Sleime also included a sincere headline: “Someone dumped this poor mother in the shelter except her babies. Every time I stopped to talk to her and said I felt sorry, her eyes filled with tears.” The video was far more effective than Sleime could have imagined… “Little did I know the video would be seen 700,000 times the first day.”

Many were interested in adopting her, but it was Meghan Shelton, a friend of Sleime, who eventually hosted the dog. “I have a special place in my heart for Pit Bulls. I think they are very misunderstood and a misunderstood breed.”

Facebook – Sarah Jennings Sleime

They filled out all the roles, renaming the Pit Bull to Rosie. The dog was sterilized and went home the next day. The animal also got a new brother, a three-year old Pit Bull named Blu.

Facebook – Sarah Jennings Sleime

Shelton initially planned to keep the two separated to see how they would react to each other, but Rosie moaned until she could socialize. How beautiful!

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Source: Animal Channel


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