Pig rescued from slaughterhouse paints pictures that are worth a thousand dollars

Pigcasso does not have that name by chance. Besides having a history of overcoming difficulty, the pig is a great painter. She produces some famous paintings that are even sold for up to a thousand dollars. Not bad!

Pigcasso: pig painter

The painter lives in South Africa, in an animal shelter called Farm Sanctuary SA. There she has the perfect relaxing environment to make her art.

In 2016, when Pigcasso was a just a baby pig, she was rescued from a slaughterhouse. In the shelter, her caretakers noticed her love for brushes and colors.

“Pigs are very clever animals and, when she arrived we statrted thinking about how we could entertain her,” Joanne Lefson told Reuters in an interview.

The pig made it clear what she wanted. Upon entering a barn still under construction, she destroyed everything she saw ahead. Soccer balls, rugby balls, and other objects. Just left the brushes there.

Soon she discovered the creative process and created several pictures. And it rested well at one time or another because every artist deserves it. Some paintings came to be sold for around a thousand dollars.

The watch manufacturer Swatch came to make a partnership with her, and one of her frames turned into a clock-face. All the profits from her paintings go to animal protectors.

Abstract paintings show that every type of art is valid. Check out!

Source: Ric Mais


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