Photographer recorded the last moments between pets and their owners

People often say that losing a pet is a pain similar to the pain of a loved one’s departure. So the images that follow can leave you with tears in your eyes because they convey feelings of deep sadness.

The photographer who recalled creating this initiative is named Ross Taylor and is an assistant professor at a University in the USA. For about 20 years he worked as a photojournalist and photographed post traumatic moments around the world.

Now he created a new project, called “Last Moments”, whose goal is to capture in an image, what people spend when they lose a pet.

With the direction and authorization of veterinary clinics and his clients, Ross had access to unpublished images. That allowed to gather images that show the true connection between humans and their beloved pets. The suffering is completely remarkable and undeniable.

“Last Moments’ focus, in part, is to help those who go through this process to know that they are not alone. And that their pain should not be neglected or minimized by others. It’s real and painful, “says Ross.

He also says that this was one of the jobs that he liked best and that helped him immensely to admire the work of all veterinarians. The way they deal with such painful news is simply incredible.

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All the families represented here in the photographs authorized Ross to photograph the moment. He says that the disgust of families is so much that they come to cry with tears and sobs. But at the same time, they show gratitude to the veterinary team.

“There is a particular image of a woman who is distressed and shouts loudly at her dog’s loss, only moments after she realized that he had died. This lady runs her hand affectionately on the face of her dog while her husband and the vet, Dr. Dani McVety, reach out to comfort her. It was one of the first cases I witnessed and had a profound impact on me. It was at this point that I realized the importance of documenting the strength of the bond, “says Ross.

Source: Mulher Contemporânea


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