People joined hands to rescue skeletal dog that lived on the streets

Someone saw an extremely skinny stray dog roaming County 28 in Corpus Christi, Texas, alone. He looked hungry and had an elastic cord that tore at his neck.

They took a picture of the dog and sent it to their friend. The friend posted the photo on social media, asking the public for help.

People were heartbroken when they saw the picture. Many people came together and started looking for him. They knew they had to find him and help him before he died on the streets.

People relentlessly continued their search efforts 24 hours a day and still could not find it. They even sent a helicopter to search the area.

One such person was Connie Bowen of FurEver United Rescue, who brought her own rescue dog to help her search. Suddenly, her dog began to pull her persistently in one direction.

“He was pulling me, pulling me and pulling me,” Bowen told Action 10 News. “He stopped and looked and I took him and suddenly I looked up and he was there.”

Bowen thought they had finally caught the dog, but the dog got nervous and ran away. Still, they didn’t give up the search until they found it again.

They finally caught him at 1 am, using a chicken trap.

The dog, now called Sawyer, is finally safe and is being treated at Animal Medical Corpus Christi. Although he is skin and bone, tested positive for heart worm disease and may have pneumonia, he must still fully recover.

Once healthy, he will be adopted and taken home forever.


Source: I Love My Dog


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