Parrot stuck on a roof insults firefighter who came to rescue him

If you had a parrot at home, what kind of words would you like him to learn? Most people would teach him to say hello, goodbye, names, among other things. However, there are people who would have a strong temptation to teach them insults. A firefighter learned this the hard way when he went to rescue a parrot stuck on the roof.

The story surrounding the rescue of this bird has become viral, do you know why? Yes, you guessed it! The bird used the words he learned from the owner to “greet” the fireman.

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Complicated rescue

The rescue took place in Edmonton, north London, where a parrot was trapped on a roof for three days. The bird, named Jessie, ran away from home, but remained a trapped on the roof.

The owners tried everything to get him off the roof, but nothing helped. They also tried to transfer Jessie to another roof that would be easier to access, but again, the runaway parrot didn’t want to obey.

Daily Mail

After several efforts, the firefighters were called to the scene to intervene, but they certainly didn’t expect such an unusual rescue. In addition to having to save a parrot, which is already quite rare, Jessie had quite a sharp tongue!

First, firefighters tried to lure the parrot by saying “I love you,” and the bird replied that he loved them too. Despite this, he did not obey at all!

Daily Mail

The firefighters, therefore, felt that it was preferable for them to go up to the roof to catch the bird directly. But when they reached the roof, they discovered that Jessie didn’t know just beautiful words of love.

Rude words

In fact, as soon as the parrot saw the firemen arrive, Jessie told them to fu** off before flying to the roof of another house nearby.

Daily Mail

The story is already unusual, but it gets even stranger: Jessie speaks several languages, including Turkish and Greek. However, his master is sorry that the bird chose to speak to the firefighters using rude English terms.

According to Chris Swallow, who led the rescue team, firefighters do not blame Jessie for his dirty words. In fact, they say they are very relieved that the bird is not injured, and is well after having been on a roof for three days.

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