“Paralyzed” dog is abandoned at the vet to be put down – 10 minutes later she starts moving

It is very sad when humans don’t give the real value and despise their pets. Dogs are very loyal and loving beings, however, many people insist on breaking their hearts. Unfortunately, this happens very often and the story we’ll meet today reports one such case!

When a family noticed that their 6-week-old puppy couldn’t walk, they gave up on her. Assuming she was paralyzed, they took the little girl to the vet and asked to put her down.

Facebook – Hand in Paw

Before the procedure, the owners left. However, the veterinarian didn’t want to sacrifice the beautiful girl without first finding out what was wrong.

Tests were performed to determine the cause of the paralysis

The results gave a quick response and the solution was easy: Bella was hypoglycemic. She was placed under the care of Piper Wood, the founder of the Hand in Paw shelter. Wood helped the little dog get healthy again. “Maybe they were not feeding her enough, and her blood sugar was too low.” She said.

With proper care, Bella began to gain momentum quickly. It was clear that the little dog was very shy and afraid of people:

With Wood’s help, Bella gained the strength and confidence she needed to be adopted. “She’s definitely feeling much better,” Wood said. It wasn’t long before her perfect home was found. Fortunately, the caring veterinarian decided to investigate, before making any hasty decisions. A life was spared!

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