Bus driver makes daily special stop to feed hungry dog

The Feed The Furbabies Canada is a group dedicated to provide food and supplies in a way to ensure street animals don’t go hungry. A volunteer from the group is a school bus driver. She asked to remain anonymous, since in her route she’s making an unscheduled stop to help a needy dog.

Facebook – Feed The Furbabies Canada

One day, the driver noticed that the dog was desperately looking for food in the trash. He was malnourished, but something good was about to happen in his life. Later the woman saw the dog again but this time he got a bag full of food. Although the animal was very anxious, after this act of kindness, a daily tradition began.

“She continued to feed him every day, Monday through Friday, at the same location.” Said Kareena Grywinski, founder of Feed The Furbabies. “He sits and waits patiently every day, no matter the weather.”


Bus driver makes a special stop


Check out one of these moments in the video below:

His daily routine suggests he’s dependent on this bus to survive. Ideally all homeless dogs would be rescued and placed with loving families… However, given the overpopulation of many shelters in this area, ensuring that they don’t go hungry is already a win.

“This community has over a 100 dogs needing to be rescued. It breaks our hearts that we can’t take them all home,” Grywinski said. “There just aren’t enough foster homes available for these precious pets. We do the best we can by providing them food and dog houses until a space opens up in a rescue for them.”

The gesture of this driver is priceless and, of course, the puppy is thankful for that. Share this story with your friends and family!

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