Girl thinks she’s seeing Santa in the supermarket – and the man enters the game perfectly

People see Santa Claus as a chubby old man with white beard and dressed in red. So when Sophie met an elderly with those characteristics, she thought it was the Christmas character! How lucky, she thought, to have found Santa at the grocery store… fortunately, the man decided to play the character.

Sophie Jo Riley was with her parents at the grocery store when, unannounced, she saw someone who resembled Santa. Timidly, the girl decided to go and talk to the bearded man who brought her gifts every year.

First, the girl asks if he is Santa Claus. Roger Larck, the man in question, gets down on his knees and embodies the character. “Did you behave well this year?” He asks. She replies “Of course!” Showing off her beautifully painted nails.

Then, “Santa Claus” asks if there is already a Christmas tree at her home. Sophie replied that there was a very large one, gesticulating. When the mother asked what she was going to offer Santa, the child almost shouted: cookies! But he had to share the crackers with Rudolph the reindeer… something more than fair.

It’s understandable that Sophie thinks this man was the real Santa. With his white beard and big red shirt, Roger looks a lot like him. See the beautiful interaction between little Sophie and the man in the supermarket.

Has your son ever confused anyone with Santa? Share your opinion with us in the comments, and show the clip to your friends if you liked it!

Source: Incroyable


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