Film director writes painful goodbye to his 17-year-old dog and leaves the Internet in tears

Saying goodbye to a dog is one of the most difficult and painful things humans have to face. After years of giving them unconditional love, saying a permanent goodbye is always very complicated. And nothing can prepare us for it.

Film director Kevin Smith decided to write a post on his Facebook page, sharing the pain of saying goodbye to his old dog, Mulder. The pup had been with Kevin for 17 years and now he was dying in his arms.

The man posted a picture of him hugging Mulder in his final moments, accompanied by a very emotional text. The man opened his heart, remembering that our dogs will not be with us forever and we have to make the most of every moment with them.

Facebook – Kevin Smith

Film director writes painful goodbye to his 17-year-old dog

Kevin wrote:

Dark day in our household: our oldest dog Mulder is dying. As I’ve spent the last year carrying him around like Hodor, I’m not taking this terribly well. They never tell you when you get a dog, but there is a price to pay for being the recipient of 17 years of unconditional love, loyalty and companionship: they take a huge chunk of your heart with them when they go. I’m reminded of a line from DOCTOR WHO, Series 2 – the “School Reunion” episode (which featured the return of Sara Jane Smith and the robot dog K-9, ironically enough): “You can spend the rest of your life with me… but I can’t spend the rest of my life with you.” And later, when Rose asks Sara Jane if she should go with the Doctor, Sara Jane responds “Some things are worth getting your heart broken for.” Mulder was beyond worth it. Fuck, this hurts...”

A few hours later, the puppy died.

Kevin updated everyone with the following post:

He’s gone. RIP Mulder, my Buddy-Man. Thank you for 17 years of sheer joy and affection. It took a dog like you to make me a better person. If you’re a dog-owner, go hug your dog a little tighter tonight. If you’re not a dog-owner, think about becoming one. It’s all love.

Good night sweet Mulder. Rest in Peace!

The painful farewell left thousands of people in tears. Do not forget to enjoy every minute with your pets. You’re their whole life… Share this emotional story with your friends and family!

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