Woman screams in pain at childbirth and nurses laugh – but when they see the baby, they are silent

Giving birth is a painful experience, but also absolutely unique and wonderful… after all, bringing a son to the world is magic! Pain in childbirth is often intense, so it’s very important to have good professional and human assistance. Unfortunately, Laura Cáceres’ doctors and nurses destroyed her mother’s magical moment, in addition to putting her baby’s life at risk.

Laura Cáceres longed for her daughter’s arrival in the world. The doctors decided to schedule the date of delivery, but life is unpredictable and the contractions started earlier than expected. In addition, they became absolutely unbearable, and Laura decided to go to the Morón Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But soon the woman realized that this had been the worst decision of her life.

Inhumane health professionals

When she arrived at the hospital, the health professionals ignored her, saying that the day of her delivery had not yet arrived. Laura said that her baby had been diagnosed with tachycardia, and she feared for her life. However, the nurses said there was no risk to the child, and that she had to wait for her turn.

Laura, shaken by the pain of childbirth, couldn’t stop screaming and complaining. The answer from the doctors and nurses as they played with their phones: “If you spread your legs and you liked it, now hold it.”


During the 14 hours of labor, Laura says she suffered obstetric violence and medical malpractice. Because of this, her daughter has been in a coma since the day she was born. “Alma has been in a coma since November 3, when she was born. The nurses didn’t want to have a c-section and Alma got stuck and suffocated,” says Laura.

As a result, Alma is now in a coma and remains in the hospital. Her mother wants to take her home, but she’s still struggling for life. Before that, the mother has to get all the equipment she needs, such as the respirator. Unfortunately, this is not the only mother who reported violent and negligent treatment at the Morón Hospital in Buenos Aires.

We hope Alma’s coma won’t be in vain, and that the hospital punishes the inhumane and negligent treatment of the doctors and nurses there. Share to wish for luck and strength for this family!

Source: Newsner


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