Owners paint dog and then abandon her – the rescuer’s kindness changes everything

Unfortunately, there is a lot of evil in our world. Every day we come across stories of innocent animals being abused and/or abandoned. The story we’ll meet today is no different and reports a sad case of animal neglect.

I Love My Dog

In Greece, a family decided it would be fun to paint their puppy in red. However, the abuses did not stop there… After painting her hair, they abandoned the poor girl in the streets. How cruel!

The loving dog was taken to a shelter and later called Scarlet. Rescuers and shelter workers were shocked by the inhumanity of her former owners.

Then the dog went to a veterinarian and received all the necessary treatments.

I Love My Dog

The reddish color began to disappear after several baths. Meanwhile, the shelter posted some photos and reported her history on social media, which caused a huge wave of outrage. Hundreds of people commented, showing their discontent at how she was treated by her former owners.

I Love My Dog

Social media had a positive impact on Scarlet, who found an adopter among those who knew her story. The beautiful girl was adopted and now lives in a new loving home, where she will not be dyed or abandoned again.

Despite all the suffering, the adorable dog had a happy ending. Share this story, if you are against the mistreatment and abandonment of animals!

Source: I Love My Dog


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