Owners “forgot” to feed him and now he thinks he will be hurt if he eats

When Sidewalk Specials from Cape Town in South Africa found a dog named Benji, they had never found a more terrified dog. Benji’s negligent owners kept him restricted to cold concrete and claimed to “forget to feed him”.

When Benji received his first bowl of food in months, his deep trauma emerged. The poor dog was incredulous and stared at the rescuers. He thought it was all a trick and he could be kicked anytime he touched the food.

However, hunger got the better of him and Benji devoured the food in seconds. Rescuers were heartbroken to see Benji’s moving reaction to a simple bowl of food and resolved to give him a better life.

When Benji was rescued from the chains, the rescuers were horrified to discover that the wounds were from getting rocks thrown at him. Apparently, the cruel people always threw rocks at him. Benji was on the verge of death, so he was taken to the vet where somehow he managed to survive.

Today, Benji has left his days of abuse behind. This video can be disturbing to watch at first, but the magical transformation of Benji at the end is worth watching. You’ll be crying happy tears in no time while you see Benji in his new home forever!

Click the video below to watch Benji’s journey from misery to happy freedom!

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Source: I Love My Dog


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