Owners find dog two years after he disappeared

Back in 2012, Julio and his brother Sam got Duke, an 8-week-old Great Dane puppy, who quickly became a beloved member of their family in Oklahoma City. The puppy was funny and rambunctious and they loved him.

They were devastated when he went missing from the family’s yard on Christmas Eve of 2013. Julio and his family searched and searched. But months went by, and they heard nothing, despite Duke being microchipped and registered.

Flash forward two years. David Walker was outside on his ranch in Navasota, Texas when he was greeted by a sight that made him jump out of his shoes. There, sitting in front of him was a Great Dane. The dog was unfamiliar to David but friendly, so he took the dog to the vet to have him scanned, and – you guessed it – it was Duke!

A quick phone call later and Julio and his brother were excited to pick him up.

This is their heartwarming reunion!

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Source: Reshareworthy


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