Owner creates ingenious plan to stop his cat from waking him up – the cat’s reaction made us laugh a lot

Cats are considered rather sneaky and complicated. While you just think they are the cutest thing in the world, they are actually preparing something with their ingenious mind! And this saw some proof of that. He devised an ingenious to stop the cat from opening his room door. But the “shot backfired,” and his animal was able to turn the situation around in a very funny way …

Youtube – Kristian Svenson

A kitten named Mulder discovered how to open doors and used that new found power to wake her owner every morning. To get some more sleep, the man decided to end this attitude once and for all, putting his plan into practice: he decided to put a bucket full of water under the door. That way, when the kitten would be frightened by the water would have her owner alone with a quiet morning of sleep. It was the perfect plan …

Youtube – Kristian Svenson

The owner thought that his ingenious plan for the cat had everything to work, but the cat got her brain working and turned the situation around in a brilliant way! She proved that felines are truly intelligent beings capable of incredible deeds.

Youtube – Kristian Svenson

The cold water bucket should have been a lesson to Mulder, but it turned out to have the opposite effect … She now could not open the door like a human! The kitten learned to invade her owner’s room in advanced mode: with water underneath.

Youtube – Kristian Svenson

See with your own eyes the intelligence and agility of this cat!

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