Owner reads out loud his dog’s favorite food list. The dog’s reaction is just adorable

Most dogs love food. But the Labradors, in particular, seem to consider it a sport.

Olive is a golden Labrador owned by children’s book author Josh Gottsegen. And last year he filmed a video to show how the dog can cheer up by simply pronouncing the food names.

In the video, Josh films Olive and lists some of his favorite foods. Pizza, dried meat, ice cream. Anything salty, sweet or delicious. Honestly, thinking about the items already makes your mouth water. But Olive’s reaction, on the other hand, is adorably out of this world.

While his owner talks about his favorite food, the dog’s tongue does not stop stirring just thinking about all that super tasty food!

In the video caption, Josh wrote, “When listing my dog Olive’s (Labrador) favorite foods in the entire world, she seemed to be imagining a 5-star buffet.”

At one point in the video, its owner talks about healthy foods like salads, broccoli, peas, etc. And then the dog stops licking. When Josh goes back to talking about his favorite food again, then the dog shows his tongue again.

Source: Amo Meu Pet


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